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Landlord Services
  • 24/7 Online enquiry email system
  • Appointments can be scheduled via phone or email.
  • No monthly fees
  • Pre-approved cost limit for small maintenance tasks.
  • Written/email quote for larger work
  • Only charge when our service is used
  • Rental board erection and removal
  • Inventories
  • Liaise directly with tenants if required
  • Property Checks whilst vacant between tenants
  • Property maintenance and cleaning 
  • Liaise directly if the repairs are a little more involved.
  • Experienced, multi-skilled handymen who can quickly solve complex problems
Selling your home or renting out

If you are thinking of selling or renting out your property below is a quick list of things you may need to do to maximize the properties potential 

Counter-tops are out dated or wrong colour
It may be worth it to replace the counter-tops if other components of the house are acceptable.
An attractive counter-top can transform the kitchen, and the kitchen has a significant impact on the value of your home.

Bathroom sealant or grout is dirty
Put this one on the must do list!  Old or darkening caulking is a turn-off to buyers.  It is easily replaced.
Carpet is worn, out dated or wrong colour
This improvement is almost always worth doing.  Do not worry about whether the buyer will like your selection.  Just choose a neutral colour, and make the change.  New carpet makes everything else look better.

Walls need complete or touch of paint
This is a must do!  Clean walls are critical to a winning presentation of your home.  On the walls you should use neutral colours, such as cream, magnolia, etc.

Wallpaper torn
This may need to be removed and the walls painted However, if the home needs a good deal of additional updating, then wallpaper should be left as it is.
Remember that as you prepare your home for sale, your first step should be to make needed repairs.

By making repairs you will answer buyer’s questions early, build trust in your home more quickly, and proceed through the closing process with fewer surprises. 

Your home will appeal to more buyers, sell faster and bring higher price.

All services are flexible in order to suit the clients needs and specific requirements - 24 hour emergency call-out and internal and external property cleaning services
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